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Brow Treatments

At a Nurses Touch we offer many different types of Brows.

We work with our clients to custom-create their dream brows down to individual hairs. We offer many different types of brows, from powder brows, ombre brows, microblading, and our infinity brows, which is a combination. The brows are mapped out to our client's approval and we always let our clients look at the end of the appointment to see if there is anything they would like added, changed, or adjusted before they leave. We also use medical-grade numbing cream that is amazing and you only get more and more numb as we work.

All brow appointments are done By Michelle Winters and Daisy Williams. Michelle is taking many of Daisy's days and yearly touch-ups. Daisy is going back into the hospital to do areola tattoos after mastectomies. Michelle has over 5 years experience and has been doing Daisys permanent makeup for 9 years.


We conduct all procedures in the strictest, cleanest environment, and we use medical-grade topical anesthetic numbing agents to guarantee comfort. Post-care instructions are thoroughly explained and home care supplies are supplied. Initially, the brows will appear darker. However, they will fade a little in a week.

Old-school permanent brows produced a bold, solid line. However, we apply permanent ink with our state-of-the-art machine in a light, natural-looking texture using techniques called Powder Brow, Ombre Brow, and Nano strokes. Nano strokes look like micro-blading but last much longer. Still, they are applied in the same pattern as Micro-blading.

Permanent brows last much longer. Because application goes deeper into the skin, some clients retain pigment for 3-4 years or more. Alternatively, Powder Brow looks more like a makeup pencil, and Ombre Brow is Powder Brow with a light fade. The Infinity Brow is hair stokes with powder behind machine-administered stokes. Powdering helps the brow look and stay smoother and more consistent. We perform infinity hair stokes with either micro-blading or permanent hair strokes.

Not every person retains microblading well. Permanent brows, powder brows, or infinity brows may be a preferable option for cover-ups, people over 60, clients with fair skin, or people with oily skin. Outcomes depend on how your body heals and metabolizes ink. Based on how you heal, we can adjust the technique on the 6-week touchup if needed.

What is Microblading

A commonly seen technique on the internet is Microblading. Microblading adds ink to your skin by applying a hand tool lightly to the skin's surface. Microblading is applied in a pattern and gives the appearance of hair. Microblading is essentially like a paper cut with ink. Microblading requires more touch-ups than other techniques. Microblading can need touch-ups every 8 to 12 months on some skin types. It is important to know that most pictures of micro-blading on the internet are taken before the brow heals and those scratches will close and blend. All people have different skin types and all clients heal differently. Not all microblading clients will heal well, especially oily, older skin and skin prone to getting red. For a more reliable outcome on all skin types permanent powder or infinity brows are beautiful, smooth, and long-lasting. Using the new nanoneedles we can now offer brows that last longer and are good for all skin types. Powder brows and ombre brows can last up to 3 times longer. At A Nurses Touch, we offer many times of brows and we do not charge any difference for these techniques.

Solutions that suit you
Here is a Before & After information

***If you would like, you can take Tylenol an hour before your procedure it can help with swelling, the less swelling you have the better it is for making your brows more symmetrical.***
Before your Brow Procedure please read/ avoid 

  1. You must be 18 years or older 
  2. No Coffee or caffeine products for 4 hours before
  3. No Blood thinning products such as ibuprofen or aspirin 24 hours before  
  4. You can not be pregnant or breastfeeding
  5. No alcohol for 12 hours before
  6. No Botox for 6 Days or chemical peels 3 weeks before 
  7. Please do not pluck, wax or tweeze brow area 2 days in advance

** Important After Care Notes **

  1. No sweating during exercise or other activities that cause you to sweat for 7 days.
  2. Please do not let any kind of water from shower or soap run through your brows for 8 days. Clients will be sent home with a visor to cover brows during shower.
  3. No facials, Retina A products chemical peels or High sun exposure such as tanning for 2 weeks after the procedure.
  4. Please keep brows as clean as possible and do not touch or pick skin area.
  5. All our clients our given after care bag with everything they will need for the after care and detailed instructions. Please follow in order to insure the best results.

A Corrective Solution that suit you
All Of Our Clients Pick Their Own Measurements, Shape & Texture Of Their Brows.​ Everyone Is Different And One Brow Does Not Fit All, All Aspects Of Your Brow Will Be Picked And Designed By You.

What Happens during the treatment time
   *  Numbing cream will be applied in the beginning and will be reapplied between the brow application. You will pick out the shape and color for your new brows.
   *   The time for your 1st  brow treatment regardless of the technique you pick is 2 hours, but not to worry the actual procedure is only about 15 minutes of the whole appointment and is done in 4 phases.
    *  The most important part is Brow mapping; when precise measurements are taken to show the location of where a correct symmetrical brow should be. From there I will work with you to find your perfect shape that appeals to you and your facial features.
    *   The New Brows are then drawn on your face with a pencil for your approval before any Permanent makeup is done. You will also have an opportunity to view and make any changes you would right before you leave. 
  ****   Microblading and Permanent brows are a minimum 2-part procedure, the 2nd visit is designed to add more detail, smooth out the brow, and do any coloration & shape changes that may have been effected during the first healing process. Please be willing to commit to the 2 parts of the process before deciding to undergo the procedure ****.  

What to expect after your procedure
   The brows need to be treated as a wound without a band-aid on them. The brows will go through a healing process and will initially swell after the procedure and may be itchy when healing. The initial color will darken after the procedure around 45%. We call this the shape phase as it is too dark and crisp looking for 2 to 3 days. The body and healing response are different for each person. The body will not heal perfectly after the 1st appointment which is why the 2nd appointment is need to make adjustments. During the 2nd appointment, the ink usually sticks even better since it goes in a lower level of the skin and the color and some shape changes can be made at that time as well. I usually recommend starting with a modest shape in the beginning and you can always go bigger later. The microblading & permanent brow healing process and color uptake is different for every patient. The ink application process is only part of the process; How the body heals and metabolizes the ink greatly affects the outcome and final look. Though uncommon some clients may require additional color boosters to achieve the desired look. The shape, density of the color, and texture can also be added to during any touch-ups.
Common Questions and answers
Is this a safe procedure?
All our pigments are cosmetic grade, meaning that they are sterilized and purified for cosmetic use. The ingredients used have been approved by the FDA for cosmetic use. Be wary of products that have not met safety standards, including those that contain “vegetable dyes” that are unstable and may change color after time. In addition, all our tools are single-use and discarded after the treatment. Only the highest sanitation standards are utilized during the application of the brow. As a Nurse with over 9 years experience, I can tell you I value the highest standard of cleanliness and hygiene.

What if I do not hold my ink well?
The biggest variable on how you will turn out is how you will heal.  The skin's response to the ink that is implanted in the largest factor that affects the longevity of the brow. There is no way to know in advance to know how your body will react. The body metabolizes the ink and spreads it on the skin. Though very rare, some clients are overly aggressive healers and the body will not hold the ink as desired.  Permanent Brow styles can last some people up to 3 years. But typically you last longer and longer with each touch-up. One of the options if you do not hold Microblading well after the 2nd touch-up is to switch to our Permanent brow styles which are more consistent and last longer.

​Please be cautious, it is important to know that Texas only requires a tattoo license to preform Microblading or permanent make-up, being a Registered Nurse I can tell you this leaves a potentially dangerous amount of people that may lack medical training or experience. The Microblading and Permanent makeup market are completely unregulated in the training requirements, definitions of what things are called, how long they last, there are also no regulations of after care or and how the procedure is even performed. Photoshopping is also very common and some images on the internet may be over-photoshopped or fake.T here is even online only training available to people to get certified in Microblading (just google it). Please do not take any risk with your face or end up another botched person on the News and do your homework on any artist and the location it is being conducted. 

Correcting & Covering Previous Work
Most can be covered and reshaped by the new powder brows. Some brows may require our saline tatoo lightening / tattoo removal on part or all the brow before it is covered.
Corrective work on Previous Microblading and old Permanent Tattoo work that either needs shape or a Color Correction ​(Please send photos to contact number before booking an initial session)

Correcting Microblading or permanent brows?
This is our specialty, almost a 1/3 of all clients that come to us, come to have older Microblading or permanent brows needing to be corrected. Unfortunately, the market of people doing these brows is unregulated. There is no standard set by a board of people that governs how it is done and how it is to be taken care of. There is no test necessary, they even offer online-only training which means they never touch a real person. This leaves a large number of people that have not been tested or trained properly to do such an intricate procedure. In addition, there are zero requirements to have any kind of medical background to do Microblading or Permanent brows. This is why so many people have had bad experience. But luckily we have had wonderful results being able to correct and balance poor Microblading or Permanent brows. Please send a picture 1st before booking the appointment. The Microblading or Permanent cover-up process will still require 2 appointments at the same introductory price since the new work that will be done during the 1st appointment will still need another layer during the 2nd appointment to stay in the skin properly.

Blue, Purple, Green, or pink old Tattoo from another studio? Need Help?
Yes, we can more than likely help you. We have special ink that is tattooed back into the skin to help adjust the previous color back to a more natural color. One of the reasons your tattoo from a previous artist turned such an unnatural color is because a lot older or cheap brands of ink have Iron with changes color as it ages. Our ink is of the highest quality and over time it will only lighten and possibly lose some warmth if never touched up but, they will never change unnatural colors such as purple, blue, or green colors. There is never a guarantee on the results or the number of correction appointments needed because the type and depth of ink that is previously in the skin is unpredictable but we have had great success improving and recreating these brows with clients. A color corrector will be applied at the initial appointment and the brow will be reshaped and designed by you and you will also pick a color of choice you want to be applied. 

We offer Saline Tattoo Removal/Lightening for brows

We can now help correct the parts of brows that need to be lightened or removed that are not able to be covered with a new brow. We use a Saline tattoo Lightening solution it is very safe and effective. Technically there is no legal tattoo removal on the market. Only skin removal would remove 100% of the problem but Laser and saline tattoo lightening can dramatically improve any unwanted area. Saline is safer, cheaper, and more effective than lasers for lightning.

how does the Li FT saline tattoo lightening work?

Salt/Saline removal works on the organic theory of “Osmosis” Implanting a higher concentration of salt/saline than what is naturally in the body creates the process of Osmosis. When implant Li-FT® into the upper dermal layer where the pigment to be removed is…the ink movement out begins. The pigment later becomes trapped in the scab and when the scab falls off some of the pigment goes with it. How many appointments are needed is based on many factors. The type of ink, depth of product, and goal outcome of each patient. Most clients can lighten the area between 1 to 4 appointments. There is no way to know the true results of working with the human body and removing an unknown product. There are no guarantees based on the outcome of each appointment. Our goal is to make you as happy as possible and we will do the best of our ability during each appointment to achieve your goals.

Please send photos before booking Brow Tattoo lightening / Removal appointments Contact Michelle via text or call or any additional questions 817-896-0189

1st appointment is $250 for brows, each additional appointment is $150 and can be done 6 weeks apart

Book saline tattoo removal appointments here

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